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Click To Message

Low cost and effective solution for your business to engage with customers effectively
Allows you to communicate with your clients via WhatsApp and SMS
Maintain a full history of messages

“Click To Message” is one of Zeus Tech’s many innovative products. “Click To Message” allows you to converse with your clients via WhatsApp and SMS in one seamless conversation. Using a web interface, the members of your team can communicate easily with clients whilst maintaining a full history of messages.

Messages from both WhatsApp and SMS will appear in one centralised conversation. You do not have to have any mobile devices as everything is managed through a website. Conversations can be managed amongst your team ensuring that your client’s messages are handled efficiently.

The software can also be used to broadcast to a range of different numbers/contacts within the application. It is also flexible enough to be used internally. For example, a disaster recovery situation.

“Click To Message” is a low cost and effective solution that gives your business the power to engage customers effectively.


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