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Flexible and seamless telephone integration for case management & customer relationship management tools
Integrated telephone system within Proclaim Case Management System
Screen popping to show case information when your clients ring
Automatic telephone dial from tasks or screens or implementing

Zeus Tech (formerly Zeus Claims Solutions) have developed a product which integrates with our customer’s telephone system. Following extensive development by the Proclaim outsource and bespoke software development team.

The bespoke software called “Click to Dial”, integrates with the Proclaim Case Management System (Eclipse Legal) and customer’s telephone system. The Proclaim integration provides information about the inbound caller direct to the user desktop before they even pick up the phone.

The system takes an inbound call and uses it to search the data stored in the customer’s Proclaim Case Management System. It redirects the inbound client call directly to the Proclaim user’s handset. The customer can also use Proclaim workflow to automatically dial the phone number from a task or screen. This removes the need to even dial the telephone number, saving a lot of time.

Following further development by the Proclaim outsource and bespoke software team at Zeus Tech and working in collaboration with etiCloud, we’ve enhanced the software further to now add recordings directly to the Proclaim case history.

“Click To Dial” is a flexible solution that can seamlessly integrate not only with proclaim but other case management systems and customer relationship management tools.

If you have the ambition, Zeus has the solution.

Click to dial inbound & outbound call
Click to dial add recordings to Proclaim case history


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