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Claims Assist Portal

Providing seamless collection and transference of lead data straight into our client’s case management system

A fully fledged portal for customers to manage their leads

Client’s and their work sources can create and manage their leads through a web based portal. This includes fully vetting their client’s (including reading out any terms and conditions you may have), having an authorisation step in which leads can be accepted, rejected or flagged for further information. Leads will automatically open a case within a client’s case management system which can include a full vetting sheet from the information originally taken by the agent/work source.

A seamless and versatile contact form

Client’s can have a prebuilt or customised contact form which they can easily add to their website. This will automatically open cases within their case management system along with all data (as well as any attachments) that the user has filled out.

Claims Assist – Contact Form
Claims Assist – Website Leads Capture


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