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Report Writing

Experts in everything relating to capturing and reporting on business management information.

From Proclaim Advanced Reports to on-screen Proclaim SQL and beyond with Power Queries (eg Power BI),  Microsoft SQL Server and even interactive dashboards we’ve done it all over the years!

We provide valuable management information processes that are tailored to your business needs.

Advanced reporting is important for business planning and processes but Access Proclaim can be limited when it comes to tailoring reports to your firm’s needs.

Our team of Proclaim software developers has experience of taking the out-of-the-box reporting tool from the Access Proclaim software to create a more meaningful set of data useful to your own business MI.

In addition to creating advanced reports, the type of innovations we have achieved include:

  • Overhauling slow Advanced Reports to increase performance and accuracy.
  • Automating reports to send to third-party suppliers and fee earners.
  • Extracting data out of Proclaim and automatically manipulating it with your own management information.
  • Creating power query pivots to support your business operations team in providing useful data analysis and sophisticated data models.
  • One-click refreshable reports to give almost real-time reports.
  • Open Database Connectivity ( ODBC) configuration to allow you to access and integrate with your CMR data via Microsoft SQL Server Integrations.
  • Provide tailored display screens for your in-house TVs so that high-volume professional service firms and insurance organisations can drive performance on activities such as call logs and response times.

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