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Preventing data breaches can be a difficult task for any company. Here at Zeus Tech we can provide assistance and the right products to help you secure your business.
Cyber Essentials

We have designed our security offering to help you achieve the government recognised standard. Having good security will help your business excel beyond the certification.
Managed Firewalls & Security Appliances
Protecting your network and flow of sensitive data from malicious intent from unknown networks such as the internet is critical for maintaining a strong security posture. We can provide advice on what type of firewall(s) or security appliance is best suited to your business

Protect sensitive and personal data from an unwanted data breach. We can provide advice on how to secure your data “at rest” and “in transit” when sharing it externally and storing it on your systems in line with business policies, contractual compliance and external regulatory commitments such as the GDPR
End Point Security

Your people are your first line of defence but it doesn’t hurt giving them the advantage. Secure their devices and transparently automate key security requirements for processing confidential data
IT Security Assessments

Are you aware whether your online services or internal systems are vulnerable to being exploited maliciously by hackers? We can provide advice on how to security assess and monitor your systems in real time to evaluate a risk level of potential exposure
Proactive Systems & Application Patching
You’ve measured the risk, now what? We can help with automatically patching and hardening your systems


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