Name: Sophie Wilson

Role: Operations Administrator

Anyone who has ever found themselves on the wrong end of a rude response from a GP’s receptionist will be shocked to learn that Zeus Tech Solutions’ latest arrival previously arranged appointments in a medical setting.

Friendly, fun and extremely easy to get on with, Sophie is certainly a challenge to the surly stereotype frequently thrown at those from her former field of work.

Being an exception to the rule is, however, not uncommon for the admin aficionado, whose new role encompasses elements of financial management.

Despite being a queen of the calendar at work, the proud Liverpudlian takes a more liberal approach to timekeeping away from the office – especially when it comes to preparing for her favourite season.

Christmas in the Wilson household is never constrained to the month of December, with the planning and purchasing of festive fare and decorations often beginning before the last of the summer sun has set.

With wine and live music joining tinsel and baubles on her list of great loves, Sophie will undoubtedly prove a year-round source of good cheer for colleagues and clients.