Alexa Business Skills

The last couple of years we have witnessed a new digital era, where voice first enabled smart devices have started to make our lives easier and more efficient.

No doubt, there are a handful of people who haven’t heard the phrases “OKAY GOOGLE”, “SIRI” or “ALEXA”.

These Tech giants like Google and Amazon introduced voice first technology to create smart homes, organise their lives, play music and listen to the news.  All with the power of speech!

But more recently we have seen businesses start introducing Voice First smart devices within their organisations to improve efficiencies and client communication.

As an innovative and technology focused company, Zeus Tech Solutions developed an Alexa Skills solution to focus its knowledge and experience by developing Alexa business skills integrations for businesses all over the UK, The Isle of Man and Australia.

For the last couple of months our development team have been working on a project to develop an Alexa skill that integrates with case management systems to enable clients to ask for updates on their case and find answers on frequently asked questions.  This Skill allows their customers to access the platform 24/7 wherever they are. As long as they have an Alexa enabled device.

Moreover, this innovative integration provides the opportunity for a new way of communication between company and client. Minimising long queue times while on the telephone. This has always been the number one complaint relating to customer service calls and time wasted for your client. With this type of Alexa skill both parties’ benefit. More time for the employee to focus on their tasks without neglecting their clients. Meanwhile, the client receives fast and efficient delivery of information whatever time of day it is.

Alexa Integration

An Alexa integration is an innovative and modern way to customise your case management system and customer relationship system tools. This software product could be easily adapted to most corporate systems. In addition it adds extra value to the organisation and the end user. By cooperating/working with key stakeholders and analysing and reviewing the company’s processes, our team of developers can configure Alexa skills to interact with your case management system and/or customer relationship system.

For example, Alexa skills can give you a full report on outstanding tasks, KPI, conversion rates, monthly target goals, what your current turnover or pipeline is, etc. All this information can be provided with a simple voice command. No need to open the case and search through the information.

Having an Alexa skill can benefit any company. No matter the industry, the integration gives a new level of engagement. It is not only within the organisation but externally with your stakeholders, clients, partners, etc. If you would like a demo or to speak with a member of the sales team, please contact us now.